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High Hopes: A K.I.D.S.’ Hoops Story

Eleven-year-old J.L. wanted to play basketball for her school’s Parks & Rec. team, but there were some big challenges that stood in the way. A grant from K.I.D.S. helped relieve a large portion of the financial burden. Then with coaching from her COPY mentor, her family firmly in her court, and her drive for the goal, J.L. played for her team and realized her first time playing team sports in January. Read Bob Moore’s full account here.

K.I.D.S. Partnerships Provide Fun in the Snow!

Thirteen middle and high school kids from Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) Program will be participating in Hoodoo’s Snow Days with their mentors. These young people will get to take a free ski lesson each Wednesday for four weeks. Hoodoo Ski Resort is providing the equipment and the lessons. K.I.D.S. pitched in by purchasing under layers, socks and snacks. Needless to say we have thirteen excited youth who will be able to participate in an activity that they would never dream possible! Activities like this help kids do what their friends take for granted.  Partnering with BBBS, Hoodoo, and K.I.D.S. brings a light into young lives

Your K.I.D.S. dollars at work

One of my COPY girls was never able to play team-sports. Now that she is middle school, she can participate in a girls’ basketball program via Bend Park and Rec. The family qualified for a scholarship and the money from KIDS paid the rest. She starts that program after the New Year and is very excited.

A freshman in high school was behind in math. Behind to the point she was not going to get caught up without some outside help. Her COPY mentor knew a gal that tutored math. The funding from KIDS let us buy 30 hours of math tutoring… AND, that program was willing to work with her at ½ price and we stretchered those dollars and instructional time.

Mom moved from Redmond to Bend. It was great move for her… but it happened the last few weeks of summer. Mom works fulltime in Bend and didn’t have any childcare there. So we used KIDS funding to partner with Bend Park and Rec to buy 2 weeks of summer drop-in programing at the Pavilion. That made it possible for mom to juggle work until the new school year started.

Chuck and Shirley Johnson Honored for Their Years of Volunteering for K.I.D.S.

K.I.D.S. members celebrated Chuck and Shirley’s decade of volunteering at a recent luncheon. As a retired Methodist minister who directed five Christian education camps for 17 years in Indiana, Chuck’s advice and encouragement proved invaluable. Both Shirley and Chuck spent many hours greeting kids heading to camp at Cove, Oregon, supporting K.I.D.S. fundraising events, donating raffle items, and assisting with planning to provide underserved kids in our local area with meaningful adventures. As early 90 year olds they continue to contribute their encouragement and cheerful “can do” attitude thatinspires others to help their communities. Thank you, Chuck and Shirley!!!

Chuck and Shirley Johnson Honored for Their Years of Volunteering for K.I.D.S.

That’s a wrap! Report on Summer Camps 2023

Forty-two inspired kids from Bend and Redmond attended Ascension School Camp in Cove, Oregon this summer. Five separate camps included kids from preschool through high school. Two former KIDS’-supported campers returned as counselors—there’s proof that “kids inspired do succeed”!

Here’s some of what the kids had to say at the send-off/pick-up gatherings:

  • “I cried my eyes out when I left camp last year. I am so happy to go again!”
  • “My brother went to camp last week and he said the food was delicious!”
  • “I love the campfire songs!”
  • “I don’t know anyone. I hope I find someone to sit with.” (She did!)
  • “My favorite part was making a necklace for my mom. Now my younger brother gets to go.” (Mom was wearing her necklace with two purple hearts on it at the return gathering.)
  • “I’m a little scared.” (Counselors helped her find a friend.)
  • “I want to keep going when I graduate from high school.” (That can happen through The Junior Counselor Program! Stay tuned.)

Our funds at work with FAN

  • Four kids enrolled at HUB Educational Support and Services to augment their school performance.
  • A Junior High boy received new track cleats for the upcoming track & field season. (Good grades are required for participating in athletics.)
  • Two elementary boys enrolled in “Operation Recreation” with the Bend Park & Recreation District for Spring Break activities.