K.I.D.S. Impact

What We’ve Heard from Partners

H. willingly puts down his Nintendo Switch and excitedly gets ready when it is time for his weekly soccer game. Cascade Indoor Sports has an atmosphere where fun is the guiding star, allowing strong players to shine and everybody to play and contribute. This is H.’s third season and he says soccer has helped his overall health—and improved his ability to strategize. His mom agrees and adds that it has boosted his confidence to be part of a team. She says that H. has developed a sense of responsibility “to show up to all his games even when there are other events he wants to go to at the same time.” As his mentor and fan in the crowd, I am delighted to see him focused, physically active, engaging with his teammates and enjoying himself. As his mom put it, “It has been good for him for sure.”– Steven Rudnitzky, youth mentor in the COPY Project

The blessing of working as a partner with the K.I.D.S program and the Bend Recovery Homes has allowed me the privilege to connect several young people with enrichment and fun in their lives. One freshman at Bend Sr High School really wanted to learn how to snowboard. As we all know, skiing and snowboarding can be quite expensive. Lessons and equipment are not within everybody’s household budget. The K.I.D.S program covered the cost of the Ski-and-Ride-in-5 package for this young man. This included 5 lessons and all rental gear. Once the lessons were completed, he received a season pass as a graduation present. The following year, it was a season pass at the student rate for 50%-off. The year after, 25%-off. This young man has since picked up his own equipment and a love for the sport.–Olen Grimes, Bend Recovery Homes

“A young lady [J.L.] in the COPY mentoring program has never played team sports. She is 11-years old and that opportunity has never really presented itself. Mostly that is because of some life issues that make it harder to try out for sports– like her biological dad being incarcerated and her mom caring for her high needs younger brother. Her COPY mentor talked about what kind of goals they were going to work on over the winter months… and the top of the list was her trying to play basketball on her school’s park and rec team. While that sounds easy enough to do, it takes quite a bit of planning and motivation to get registered WELL in advance and money to reserve that spot. Fortunately, the COPY program was able to access money though K.I.D.S. That means we were able to tell [J.L.] and her mom and COPY mentor– that if we are going to work towards this goal of her trying basketball, money would not be the limiting factor. The family was able to qualify for a scholarship with Bend Park and Rec and K.I.D.S. was able to pay the balance of that cost. Happy to report [J.L.] was able to participate in basketball this January though a team effort all the way around.”–Bob Moore, COPY Project Coordinator, Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office

“Thank you so much for the money for art supplies for my mentee! She and I usually have an art project for each time we meet. This child deserves some happiness in her life and art has helped her to open up more than ever. Your generosity has helped her to create and feel a sense of encouragement about herself. She smiles more now! Thank you for helping to make a little girl have faith in the system and in others!”

“Hey all. Just a quick note to let you know that COPY sent 20 kids to camp this summer. Thanks again for all each of you do.”

“I got a thank you note in the mail today. K. is a (young) woman of few words… but every year, she seems to add a few more words to her thank you note. I know she had a good time and was very excited to be at camp this year. So was dad.”

Bob Moore, COPY Project Coordinator for the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office

“You helped I.P. (16 years old) achieve a monumental stage in her life…[with a Juniper work-out pass] she was able to prepare. . . before entering [the Oregon National Guard’s] Youth Challenge 2022… [and] to get all the things she needed to make it through this 5 month program.”

“[She] won many awards, earned 10 credits (the equivalent of 20 high school classes), won the leadership award, was on the color guard (a prestigious honor), and now is eligible for early high school graduation and plans to join the military in the medical field. THANK YOU!”

Rosie Laurie from Cascade Youth and Family Center (CYFC)

“A COPY kid was boarding the bus to camp. She came over to let me know how excited she is already about going to Ascension camp next summer. Her dad, grandparents and I all agreed that she has a LONG way to go between now and then… but that did not deter her—she is going to stay excited for the next 11½ months!”

Bob Moore, COPY Project Coordinator for the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office

“In the middle of COVID, K.I.D.S. made the decision to support COPY youth by allowing us to spend money on local youth enrichment opportunities. The flexibility of those funds has been, and remains, critical for our COPY kids. . . In addition to sports, we have used this funding to pay for a Red Cross babysitting class, Lego robotics class, and programs through Camp Fire. In 2022 alone, this funding connected 22 unique youth with opportunities that would not have been available to them without this additional support.”

Bob Moore, COPY Project Coordinator for the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office

What We’ve Heard from Kids

“I had fun (going to day camps). I got to go to lots of camps! I got to go hiking in the forest and swim in the creek I was happy I didn’t have to sit home all summer while mom worked.” –G.K. (2nd grade girl)

“Thank you K.I.D.S. Committee! With your donation I was able to get a juniper gym pass! With this, I am able to get active, grow confidence!”

“I liked everything about the camp. There was a lot of thang to do but I think my favorite thing was the water events. All in all, it was a greate week.”

“Thank you to everyone who makes it possible for me and my sister to go to Camp every year. This opportunity really means the world to us. We love Cove, and getting the chance to spend a week there really is a blessing from the staff and councelors to the kids, everyone is family and it feels like home.”

“Thank you for the opporinty to start kick boxing. I’ve been wanting to for a while it helps with stress and buildup so thank you.”

“Thank you for giving the opperity to go to K2 speed and trampolen park. I like going there because I’m active and I like doing stuff active.”

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to practice doing nails. Its something I love to do and part of what I am going to college for. It means so much to me because being a cosmetologist is something I really want to do because taking care of/nurturing others is really important to me.”

What We’ve Heard From Families

“My kids’ first camping experience [via KIDS] was in 2023 and they are already asking when they get to go again this summer. As a mother this camp has given me peace of mind that my kids are safe, having fun, and getting a once in a lifetime experience with friends and the feeling of freedom to be who they are.

They came home telling me about all the times they had with other campers and how cool it was to be in a cabin with other girls like a big sleep-over. Their stories about the crafts, campfires, and swimming makes my heart happy that they had a great time. Also, they said how nice the staff was to them–that was so great and made me smile knowing that they were taken care of and looked after in a caring way.

I can’t wait for them to get to experience more times there. I know that it is something they look forward to and they start talking about [it] before school is even over–that shows how they are excited about going again!!

Thank you for having a safe and welcoming place that my children can go to!!”

Best regards
A. R.